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Brand: Wahl
Polyester water resistant capes with snap closures. 135cm x 150cm..
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Brand: Wahl
Lightweight Cordless Design.Prefessional cordless clipper with Staggertooth blade produces faster feeding for optimised blending. Chrome-plated "Crunch" blade technology for a smoother cut...
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Brand: Wahl
The ultimate finishing tool for super close bump free results, perfect to finish bald fades. Powerful heavy duty operation, made in USA, has 120 min charge time, 80 minute run time, 2X longer life. Can be used corded or cordless, has hypoallergenic gold foils...
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Brand: Wahl
This is our 5-in-1 Adjustable Blade Set that gives you cutting lengths of 0.7mm - 3mm on the bare blade. This blade set is Made in Germany to give you professional quality!This blade will fit our Lithium Power +, 8,000CC and 8,000CC Black Diamond Clippers..
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Brand: Wahl
Professional vibrating motor for durabilty and longevity. Rust proof, zero overlap, chrome plated blades for extra close and crisp cutting. Powerful and comfortable in operation. Includes red blade guard, flattop comb, pre-shave brush, oil, cleaning brush and 2 plastic attachment combs (1.5, 4.5mm)..
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Brand: Wahl
Traditional pin striped barbers cape. 100% polyester, chemical and water resistant with a snap closure. 137cm x 147cm..
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Brand: Wahl
Introducing the all-metal housing Retro 5-Star Barber Dryer!The 5 Star Barber Dryer is designed with Tourmaline Ionic Technology to give you smoother and shinier hair result! With 2200W of power, you can be sure to get fast drying results.Product FeaturesPremium All-Metal Housing for a professional ..
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Brand: Wahl
Wahl Beret  blade setReplacement blade for cordless  Wahl Prolithium Beret Trimmers..
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Brand: Wahl
This cordless trimmer with a charging dock has up to 75 mintues continuious cutting time when fully charged and takes only 1 hour to fully charge the battery. Is super slim, super quite and light weight. Ideal for close trimming and outlining. Designed for the busy stylist or barber. Lithium technol..
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Brand: Wahl
Blade ice is a quick, effective lubricant that provides instant cooling, lubrication and cleaning for your clipper blades. Siimply spray the blade ice through the clipper blades occasionally, during the time you are clipping. The results are reduced friction, heat and less blade wear, without heavy ..
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Brand: Wahl
8 pack cutting guides for Wahl clippers, easy clip on plastic attachments from size 1 - 8. Includes a handy organiser/dispencer...
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Brand: Wahl
Plastic comb used for clipper over comb work...
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Brand: Wahl
Specially formulated to be used on all electric clipper and trimmer blades, this oil lubricates – ensuring quiet operation and reducing friction – prevents rust, and can also be used for pre-soaking, honing and sharpening. 118.3ml..
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Brand: Wahl
Cordless clipper with up to 90 minutes of continual cutting when fully charged. Featuring rust proof, high precision, chrome plated blades and a convenient thumb lever to adjust the taper and texture without changing baldes. Lighter weight and cordless design for easier handling with the great hairc..
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Brand: Wahl
This Wahl Detailer features a professional rotary motor providing a powerful trimming action with a low vibration. This small yet powerful trimmer will deliver the power and reliability you require. Featuring close cutting T-shaped blades for accurate detail work...
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Brand: Wahl
Gold foil cutter bar Assembly provides bump free super close shave and is the ultimate finishing tool...
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Brand: Wahl
Stainless steel professional cutting scissors with satin finish. Includes finger grips and finger rest. Made in Italy..
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