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Salon Smart

Brand: Salon Smart
Pick style plastic afro comb, useful for curly and permed hair...
Ex Tax:$2.68
Brand: Salon Smart
Plastic applicator bottle with slanted nozzel for easy application. 120ml..
Ex Tax:$2.45
Brand: Salon Smart
Plastic Perming Neck Tray provides comfortable protection for clients and surrounds from perming formulas. Made from non-absorbent and chemical resistant material. Easy to clean and hygienic. Maximises perming solution as excess formula can be collected and reapplied...
Ex Tax:$25.45
Brand: Salon Smart
Spare rubbers to fit Salon Smart perm rods. Pack of 100..
Ex Tax:$4.50
Brand: Salon Smart
Black round plastic backed mirror with large handle and a hook for hanging. 28cm diameter..
Ex Tax:$20.00
Brand: Salon Smart
Chemical and dye resistant, Fast drying and high density absorbance...
Ex Tax:$50.00
Brand: Salon Smart
Neck cushion used on hairdressing basins for customers comfort, extra soft with a water resistant coating, fits most sinks...
Ex Tax:$29.55
Brand: Salon Smart
60 minute analog timer with bell...
Ex Tax:$7.73
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