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Brand: Livingstons
Surgically clean 5 x 5 cm white gauze swabs. 8 ply, 100 pieces...
Ex Tax:$6.32
Brand: Livingstons
160mm dish for eyelash tinting. Holds 200ml...
Ex Tax:$4.00
Brand: Livingstons
The ideal multi purpose cleaner for most surfaces; medical, office or home. New improved liv wipes are pre-moistened using 70% isprophyl alcohol. Each wipe leaves a fresh hygienic scent on the wiped surface. 100 pieces...
Ex Tax:$15.41
Brand: Livingstons
Plastic stem with 100% cotton ends. 75mm, 100 pieces...
Ex Tax:$2.45
Brand: Livingstons
20 x 28cm 4 ply lined dental bibs. 250 pieces...
Ex Tax:$18.64
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