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Brand: ReFoil
Did you know that more than 1/3 of hair salons buy their foil from supermarkets and food suppliers? Refoil says no more! As a professional salon foil brand we offer salon grade catering rolls made from recycled aluminium. Traditional - 150m x 30cm, Heavy Duty 150m x 44cm..
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Brand: ReFoil
Australia’s favourite salon professional roll. For years salons have been in love with this jumbo roll weighing in at 2 kilos. A true classic that has stood the test of time. Great for colourists who like high strength, premium quality foil that gives you the freedom to cut your foil in any size you..
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Brand: ReFoil
Increase your foil-cutting rate with this fast-cutting, stable bench-top dispenser. Fits Refoil classic 300mx12cm roll only!..
Ex Tax:$40.00
Brand: Hi Lift
Professional aluminium foil roll, 18 microns, 100 metre...
Ex Tax:$15.45
Brand: Contrast
Professional aluminium foil for hair. 12cm wide, 20 microns...
Ex Tax:$11.36
Brand: 2020
20 microns, 12cm x 300m roll used for foil colouring in hair...
Ex Tax:$35.00
Brand: Hi Lift
500 premium grade pre-cut salon foils with pre folded edges. Easy to use for all hair colouring and highlighting techniques. 18 microns 27.5cm x 12.5cm..
Ex Tax:$21.77
100m roll by 20.5cm width. For highlighting and streaking hair. Is 100% recyclable...
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Brand: Foil Me
- The power to choose your own length with our famous signature embossing.- Perfect for all traditional hair techniques.- The ‘tear it yourself’ design allows neat and quick dispensing.12cm by 100m..
Ex Tax:$15.13
- Perfect for short and mid-length hair. - Easy dispensing with pop up tabs on the bottom of the box for when they get low. 12.5cm x 28cm (500 sheets) ..
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Grip Me Short
2-3 Days
Brand: Foil Me
- Perfect for regrowth, touch ups or short hair. - Amazing for babylights and face- framing. - The ideal accompaniment to our Grip Me Original. 12.5cm x 20cm (500 sheets) ..
Ex Tax:$16.00
Brand: Foil Me
- These are a fabulous foil for balayage, hair contouring, or if the user folds a lot. - Loved for the fact that you can do more highlights on one piece of foil. 15cm x 30cm (500 sheets) ..
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Brand: Foil Me
- Perfect for mid-length and long hair. - Loved for the fact that you can do more highlights on one piece of foil. - Perfect for balayage and ombré.15cm x 30cm (500 sheets) ..
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Brand: Handy Foil
15 micron foil, 12cm x 300m roll in sturdy dispenser box. Contains recycled aluminium and is 100% recyclable...
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Brand: Handy Foil
20 micron foil, 500 pre-cut and folded sheets. Contains recycled aluminium and is 100% recyclable...
Ex Tax:$20.45
Assorted pack of pre cut highlighting foils. 75 gold, 75 red and 75 blue, ideal for multiple colour applications 15 microns, 12.7cm x 20.3cm. 225 sheets...
Ex Tax:$12.72
Non slip, easy to fold, 15 micron, 12cm wide foiling sheets for highlighting and colouring hair. 300 sheets in 20cm, 550 in 28cm...
Ex Tax:$28.64
Brand: ReFoil
The Refoil pre-cuts medium are a real treat for the colourist who cares about quality, style and the environment. For the first time in hair foiling history colourists can choose for a large amount of pre-cuts in a stylish and practical box that fits any salon trolley or bench-top...
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Brand: Handy Foil
20 micron foil, 250 metre roll in sturdy dispenser box. Contains recycled aluminium and is 100% recyclable...
Ex Tax:$31.36
Brand: Kwickway
Lightweight and reusable, sturdier than foil and adhere to the hair making them easier to handle allowing the stylist to get closer to the scalp. The special material retains heat generated by the oxidation process making the colour more vibrant. 135m Roll...
Ex Tax:$61.82
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