Cosmetic Tattooing

Welcome to Ethereal Eyebrows.

We now offer cosmetic tattooing as a service at our location in Manly Vale, performed in our newly renovated studio upstairs.

What is cosmetic tattooing?
Cosmetic tattooing involves implanting coloured pigments just below the surface of the skin through the use of thin needles. Shades are customised to complement any hair and skin tone. 

How long does last?
Because the colours are softer and not penetrated as deeply into the skin as a regular tattoo, they fade more quickly. Semi permanent make up can last between 2 and 5 years depending on your skin type, and how carefully you follow aftercare instructions. ‘Refreshers’ or ‘Touch Ups’ can be done every few years to keep them looking great.

Who is suitable? 
Semi permanent make up is great for people with a busy and active lifestyle, people with poor eyesight, unsteady hands and allergies to traditional make up. However, if you are taking certain medication you may not be suitable, as this can alter the results of the procedure (check with your doctor). Pregnant women are also unsuitable.

Does it hurt?
Anaesthetic is applied before and during the procedure to minimise pain, most clients report very little pain, more like a scratching feeling. Everyone has a different tolerance to pain and some may feel more than others.

Slight swelling and redness may be visible immediately after your procedure, the area may also be tender. Swimming should be avoided for at least 10 days after your treatment, extra care should also be taken when showering to avoid wetting the area. Make up should not be worn on the area, including moisturiser and cleansers. Only use the recommended aftercare 3-4 times a day for 7 days. Do not have laser or facial treatments until the tattoo is fully healed. Your tattoo will scab and peel, DO NOT pick as this will effect the end result. 

Price List

Feather Touch/Shadow Brow
Includes consultation and complimentary perfection session

Refresh Session
(within 12-24) 

If you have any questions or wish to book, please contact Courtney on 0423 746 709 or email

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