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Hi Lift

Brand: Hi Lift
Adore, the new and innovative, Semi-Permanent Hair Colour will infuse each strand with a vibrant burst of luxurious colour with No Ammonia, No Peroxide, and No Alcohol.Adore is a Semi-Permanent Hair Colour that deposits natural looking colour while giving your hair a healthy resilient shine, leaving..
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Brand: Hi Lift
Dust free powder bleach for hair, suitable for on and off scalp bleaching applications, odour free. 500g..
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Brand: Hi Lift
7am to 9pm appointment book with 15 minute intervals. Cover images varies..
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Brand: Hi Lift
Powder bleach suitable for on and off scalp bleaching. 500g..
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Brand: Hi Lift
A brush for straightening curling and creating volume. Achieve silky smooth shiny results from the ceramic component that provides negative ions. ..
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Brand: Hi Lift
Quickly and effectively remove hair dye from skin after colouring. 100 wipes..
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Brand: Hi Lift
Intermixed with the chemical service mixture; creates new bonds while protecting the existing internal structure. Improves hair’s strength/elasticity...
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Brand: Hi Lift
Fortifying Rinse fuses newly formed bonds into the cortex while delivering added hydration and nourishment. Smooths the cuticle layer to create a uniform surface...
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Brand: Hi Lift
Bi-weekly at home treatment delivers emollients to enhance hair’s suppleness and impart shine...
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Brand: Hi Lift
This product is like no other, creating hair that is smooth, soft, shiny and strong. Containing baobab power complex - the superfood for hair. High in vitamin B1, B2 amd C concentrates, it provides the necessary maintainance for a healthy scalp and hair. Silk amino acids assist with damage recovery ..
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Brand: Hi Lift
The perfect brush with a comfortable hand grip to detangle all hair types effortlessly. Diffuse tangles and knots without damaging scalp or hair...
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Brand: Hi Lift
Professional aluminium foil roll, 18 microns, 100 metre...
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Brand: Hi Lift
18 Micron strongHeavy-duty gradeEconomicalGreat for highlighting..
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Brand: Hi Lift
500 premium grade pre-cut salon foils with pre folded edges. Easy to use for all hair colouring and highlighting techniques. 18 microns 27.5cm x 12.5cm..
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Brand: Hi Lift
500 premium grade pre-cut salon foils with pre folded edges. Easy to use for all hair colouring and highlighting techniques. 18 microns 20cm x 12.5cm..
Ex Tax:$19.99
Brand: Hi Lift
Simple, clean and easy to use hand held wax heater, perfect for legs, arms and delicate areas. For 100g wax cartridges...
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Brand: Hi Lift
Hygienic, water resistant and easy to use. For the added comfort of your client. Disposable paper neck collars for salons and barber shops. 5 Rolls (100 sheets per roll)..
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Brand: Hi Lift
Crème developer used with tints and bleach for hair colouring. 1L..
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Brand: Hi Lift
Long metal clamp with sliding height adjustment...
Ex Tax:$86.36
Brand: Hi Lift
Professional Salon heat resistant nylong bristle brush, designed for use with thermal styling tools. Increases shine, smoothes and styles...
Ex Tax:$4.50
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