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Hi Lift

Brand: Hi Lift
Plastic comb in assorted colours...
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Brand: Hi Lift
7am to 9pm appointment book with 15 minute intervals. Cover images varies..
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Brand: Hi Lift
A brush for straightening curling and creating volume. Achieve silky smooth shiny results from the ceramic component that provides negative ions. ..
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Brand: Hi Lift
Quickly and effectively remove hair dye from skin after colouring. 100 wipes..
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Brand: Hi Lift
Intermixed with the chemical service mixture; creates new bonds while protecting the existing internal structure. Improves hair’s strength/elasticity...
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Brand: Hi Lift
Fortifying Rinse fuses newly formed bonds into the cortex while delivering added hydration and nourishment. Smooths the cuticle layer to create a uniform surface...
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Brand: Hi Lift
Bi-weekly at home treatment delivers emollients to enhance hair’s suppleness and impart shine...
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Brand: Hi Lift
Designed to be added chemical mixtures, cureplex prevents hair damage before it can even start and repairs the hair from previous chemical damage. The dual action formula creates new bonds and buffers the exsiting ones delivering added elasticity, strength, enhanced condition and suppleness. Hair is..
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Brand: Hi Lift
This product is like no other, creating hair that is smooth, soft, shiny and strong. Containing baobab power complex - the superfood for hair. High in vitamin B1, B2 amd C concentrates, it provides the necessary maintainance for a healthy scalp and hair. Silk amino acids assist with damage recovery ..
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Brand: Hi Lift
The perfect brush with a comfortable hand grip to detangle all hair types effortlessly. Diffuse tangles and knots without damaging scalp or hair...
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Brand: Hi Lift
Professional aluminium foil roll, 18 microns, 100 metre...
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Brand: Hi Lift
18 Micron strongHeavy-duty gradeEconomicalGreat for highlighting..
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Brand: Hi Lift
500 premium grade pre-cut salon foils with pre folded edges. Easy to use for all hair colouring and highlighting techniques. 18 microns 27.5cm x 12.5cm..
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Brand: Hi Lift
500 premium grade pre-cut salon foils with pre folded edges. Easy to use for all hair colouring and highlighting techniques. 18 microns 20cm x 12.5cm..
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Brand: Hi Lift
Simple, clean and easy to use hand held wax heater, perfect for legs, arms and delicate areas. For 100g wax cartridges...
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Brand: Hi Lift
Hygienic, water resistant and easy to use. For the added comfort of your client. Disposable paper neck collars for salons and barber shops. 5 Rolls (100 sheets per roll)..
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Brand: Hi Lift
Crème developer used with tints and bleach for hair colouring. 1L..
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Brand: Hi Lift
Long metal clamp with sliding height adjustment...
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Brand: Hi Lift
Professional Salon heat resistant nylong bristle brush, designed for use with thermal styling tools. Increases shine, smoothes and styles...
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