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Salon Accessories

Salon Accessories
Brand: Hi Lift
7am to 9pm appointment book with 15 minute intervals. Cover images varies..
Ex Tax:$11.77
Brand: Rubbernex
Rubbernex fits all basin types and provides maximum comfort for minimal cost. Rubbernex is essential for all salons concerned about clients welfare and comfort. Made in Australia, pack of 2...
Ex Tax:$25.18
Brand: Joiken
height: 920mm width: 420mm x 670mm depth: 370mm..
Ex Tax:$209.09
Brand: Euro Stil
Extendable broom handle. Up to 1.5m..
Ex Tax:$14.09
Brand: Euro Stil
This rubber broom head is a completely new concept studied to obtain total cleanness. The design of the rubber bristles make it possible to drag the dust without raising it, providing a cleaner atmosphere, ideal for people with allergies. It is easy to clean and long lasting...
Ex Tax:$17.45
Brand: A M Williams
Rake style brush cleaner for remover excess hair from brushes...
Ex Tax:$5.00
Brand: Bobtuo
Hair cutting collar, catches loose hair when cut off, minimising mess...
Ex Tax:$52.27
Brand: A M Williams
Place on the end of your blowdryer for gently drying curly hair.Dryer not included..
Ex Tax:$4.09
Brand: Dateline
Plastic sleeves for protecting eye glasses from colour...
Ex Tax:$9.68
Brand: Jeval
Non absorbent, hygienic and durable Nekeze transforms salon sink washing into a pleasure rather than pain...
Ex Tax:$18.14
Brand: Denman
Duster brush for gentle removal of loose hair after cutting...
Ex Tax:$26.32
Brand: A M Williams
Ultra soft delicate bristles, with black plastic handle and silver metal ring...
Ex Tax:$13.18
Brand: A M Williams
Used for brushing hair off neck. Nylon bristles, wooden handle...
Ex Tax:$13.18
Brand: Salon Smart
Plastic Perming Neck Tray provides comfortable protection for clients and surrounds from perming formulas. Made from non-absorbent and chemical resistant material. Easy to clean and hygienic. Maximises perming solution as excess formula can be collected and reapplied...
Ex Tax:$25.45
professional digital motor ionic technology antibacterial ..
Ex Tax:$327.27
Brand: A M Williams
Professional salon client record cards. Pack of 100...
Ex Tax:$9.05
Brand: Salon Smart
Black round plastic backed mirror with large handle and a hook for hanging. 28cm diameter..
Ex Tax:$20.00
Brand: Hi Lift
Extendable black and silver stripe broom handle...
Ex Tax:$10.91
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