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Brand: Denman
Ideal for smoothing and grooming, air cushioned rubber pad and heat resistant...
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Brand: Denman
Ideal for smoothing and styling, anti static natural pad, ergonomic handles, hygienic and durable...
Ex Tax:$16.32
Brand: Denman
Concave brush to hug the contour of the head allowing the crimped bristles to penetrate to the root of the hair for maximum styling performance...
Ex Tax:$21.36
Brand: Denman
Traditional men's grooming brushes with natural bristle fibres...
Ex Tax:$18.14
Brand: Denman
Duster brush for gentle removal of loose hair after cutting...
Ex Tax:$26.32
Brand: Denman
These exceoptional combs have been engineered specicially for professional use. Considerable investment has been made in a design and development of hardened steel injection mold tools to guarantee the accuracy of finish and perfection in performance. They are heat, chemical and impact resistant...
Ex Tax:$12.68
Brand: Denman
Square barrel, styling 'edges' for added root lift and volume, enhanced hair straightening performance...
Ex Tax:$20.45
Brand: Denman
A fast and gentle way to detangle hair, super soft nylon bristles and hair cushioned pad...
Ex Tax:$14.50
Brand: Denman
Ideal for straightening or adding curl, ceramic coated to protect from heat damage, vented barrel for smooth high speed blow drying...
Ex Tax:$17.23
Brand: Denman
For detangling and adding volume, ball ended pins, vented for fast blow drying...
Ex Tax:$11.77
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