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Brasil Cacau

Cleanses without damaging hair, regenerates and seals hair cuticles promoting a smoother and shinier look while reducing fizz...
Ex Tax:$20.86
Deep cleansing for hair rejuvenation, it's alkaline pH opens the hair cuticles eliminating impurities, preparing the hair for the Brazilian Thermal Reconstruction. 980ml..
Ex Tax:$63.59
Gives maximum re-hydration with frizz reduction, while accentuating the straightening effect. 980ml..
Ex Tax:$90.86
Resets the clock on your hair smoothing treatment or creates instantly straight hair effect without harsh chemicals. It's up to you! Provides long lasting frizz control, seals cuticle and cuts blow drying time. Doesn't weigh hair down. 215ml..
Ex Tax:$24.18
Nourishes, restructures and strengthens hair returning its natural shine. 140g..
Ex Tax:$24.50
Eco friendly keratin treatment for maximum smoothing effect with longer lasting results and intense hydration. Anti yellow Technology. 1L..
Ex Tax:$540.91
Pre-styling leaving in with 5 protective barriers - 0% Frizz, sunscreen, heat protector, antioxidant, anti-humidity. 110ml..
Ex Tax:$19.95
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